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Creativity is boundless.

I describe myself as an artist/artisan, it’s not a career or hobby for me it’s very much a state of being. If I’m not drawing, painting or sculpting I’m sewing. Even my career in computing was highly creative, a program made of nested, subroutines with minimalist code and a smooth flow was a thing of great beauty to me. This is probably the thing that kept me going during the artistic tumbleweed era between early twenties and late thirties, where I only had sporadic art indulgences, whilst building a career and family. In artistic circles it is necessary to brand oneself for commercial success, much in the same fashion as…well fashion. Having a recognisable ouvre, genre, style, medium from which everyone can identify you is your ‘unique selling point’. Unfortunately I haven’t really got one…because I can’t quite settle to any one thing creatively. I have had mild flirtations (acrylics, pastels, the Bargue method) and full on, no holds barred passions (oils, stone carving, clay sculpture) and the long term relationships, my comfy slippers:- drawing, watercolours and sewing. One of my favourite authors is Robert Heinlein…the second most quoted man after Einstein…and my favourite quote is: “specialization is for insects” Christine

Handmades by Christine

Toys, Bags and Christmas items by an equally eclectic sewer.

Snoozy Pets

Individually designed and handcrafted fabric gifts from the talented Bernadette Wetherill.

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